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About Anne Wallen

I'm a mom of 6, with my oldest being 30 and my youngest daughter, 8.  I've been providing maternity care for 30 years in some form or another, as I supported friends, relatives and even strangers during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.  

My own birth experiences as a mom have varied between highly interventive hospital, completely natural hospital, midwife attended home-birth and even 2 unassisted home-births  (though not planned that way!)

I have completed training and apprenticeships as a DEM midwife. However, I do not have licensure in NY state at this time to attend births as a midwife.  I share that, so that you know the level of my training and expertise.

Currently, I hold the position of Director with MaternityWise Institute International and I have served with MWI since 2002 when I co-founded the organization with 3 other amazing women.  I train labor doulas, postpartum doulas, lactation support and childbirth educators and have the distinction of contributing to a number of birth and mothering related  curriculums across the globe, including a midwifery prep program in Botswana, Africa.

My certifications include:


I've been featured in BRAINZ Magazine and am currently an Executive Contributor with the international publication.


Featured Doula:


Maternity Coaching

We love to work one-on-one with families in an educational and advisory capacity. As your coach, we support the path you choose to pursue toward your ideal pregnancy, birth and postpartum. We cover nutrition, lifestyle, mental and emotional hurdles and milestones as well as delving into whatever happens to be important to you at the time of our sessions.

Lactation Consultant

As a first line of support during this crucial time in your baby's life, we commit to seeing you in person within hours of your call for help.  We are very passionate about supporting breastfeeding mothers and their babies!

Every feeding matters!

We can help you to troubleshoot, fix issues on your own,  as well as determine if and when there is a need for pediatric intervention.

Birth & Postpartum Doula

From conception to baby's first milestones, we are your biggest cheerleaders!  Whatever options you choose along the way, we will help you achieve the dreams that you have for your experience. 

We will meet as many times as you feel you need to, before and after your birth.  If you choose labor doula care, we will be there supporting you and your partner through the childbirth process. 


"I cannot express how absolutely wonderful Anne was during my delivery of my second daughter.  I had a very precipitous labor and Anne was just the calming comfort that I needed to have the natural delivery that I've always dreamed of having. Finding the words to really explain how Anne has helped me grow during this past pregnancy, is very difficult to find.  She will forever be a part of my heart and my family!!"

Christina & Emerson
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