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Maternity Coaching

I love to work one-on-one with families in an educational and advisory capacity. As your coach, I support the path you choose to pursue toward your ideal pregnancy, birth and postpartum. We cover nutrition, lifestyle, mental and emotional hurdles and milestones as well as delving into whatever happens to be important to you at the time of our sessions.

Comprehensive Ed

The key to success in all areas of life is the amount of education you invest in for yourself.

Whether it is pregnancy health, giving birth, breastfeeding, managing postpartum emotions, VBAC or newborn care,

I've got a class for that!  

You will learn just what you need to know, as I customize your private classes.  No wasted time and you'll have handouts and booklets to refer to later, along with many online resources! 

Lactation Consultant

As a first line of support during this crucial time in your baby's life, I commit to seeing you in person within hours of your call for help.  I am very passionate about supporting breastfeeding mothers and their babies!

Every feeding matters!

I can help you to troubleshoot, fix issues on your own,  as well as determine if and when there is a need for pediatric intervention.

Parent Coach

Parenting is tough stuff! 

Whether you're struggling with discipline issues, potty training or simply need reassurance that you're on the right track, you can count on my decades of experience both personally and professionally to help you come up with creative solutions to whatever you're facing!

Call me for 15 minutes of free advice, or make an appt for a longer coaching session.

Birth/Postpartum Doula

From conception to baby's first milestones, I am your biggest cheerleader!  Whatever options you choose along the way, I will help you achieve the dreams that you have for your experience. 

We will meet as many times as you feel you need to, before and after your birth.  If you choose labor doula care, I will be there supporting you and your partner through the childbirth process. 

Sleep Lab

One of the services I offer that came out of necessity, is actually my personal favorite!  

Sleep is crucial to so many 

areas of parenting: birth recovery, emotional adjustments, breastfeeding, and partner relationships.  I will help you to identify what healthy expectations and milestones you should be watching for, and we will develop goal plans for your baby's best (and safest) sleep.

Everybody needs a good night!

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