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Is it ever too early to take classes?

Want my honest opinion? No way!

Education - knowledge is power, right? Childbirth education classes are important because you'll learn about birth, but there is SO MUCH MORE to childbirth preparation than just that. You'll learn about pregnancy complications and how to prevent them. You'll learn about your baby's development as well as what to expect at your chosen birthing location.

Educator - depending on your teacher's philosophy and who is paying her to teach, you may have a variety of experiences. So make sure the person teaching you is on the same page as you. Otherwise you'll be wasting your time and money.

Does your birth plan include an epidural? You don't want someone who can only teach you about natural birth. That may be a favorite of many educators, but it's not a reality for everyone giving birth!

Do you dream of having an unhindered, low/no-intervention birth? Then you certainly don't want to be laughed at by your instructor or classmates - yep, I've seen that happen. True story. You need someone who trusts the birth process so that they are also teaching you confidence in your ability.

Make sure you're getting what you pay for. Don't waste time on fluffy info that you don't need. Don't waste money listening to someone trying to convince you to make your goals reflect their idea of a perfect birth. This is your experience and you will be living with the memory of it for the rest of your life. You need to do YOU.

Your birth experience will shape you as a mother. Make no mistake. So get educated. Get empowered and own your birth! No matter what you choose, you can make it awesome!

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